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Analysis of the social finance demand-side in Lithuania:

Characteristics, financial needs, and challenges of Lithuanian social business organisations

Social business organisations represent the demand-side of the social finance market because they seek and receive investment and funding to start or further develop their activities. Thus, a sufficient number of promising and investment-ready social business organisations is necessary for the development of the social finance market in a country. Nevertheless, Lithuanian social business organisations face a number of external and internal barriers preventing them from attracting and receiving investment, participating in more advanced financial instruments, or participating actively and consistently in the social finance market in general. This is the greatest threat to their financial sustainability.

This report aims to understand the social finance-related challenges and needs from the perspective of Lithuanian social business organisations. It complements the analysis of the social finance development from the supply-side perspective carried out in parallel to this study. Both of these reports and the assessment of the situation of social innovations and social entrepreneurship in Lithuania, and other deliverables of the Social Finance Project Lithuania, are funded by the European Commission.


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